10 Signs a Designer Handbag Is Fake

Tens of thousands of designer bags are counterfeited every year for a quick profit. Manufacturers in mainly Asia will make these bags in bulk and put a different company’s name on them to make it look more attractive. You may have bought a bag that you thought was real, but was actually a “Made In China” fake. Here are the main signs a bag is fake.

1. Incorrect logo/Spelling

The easiest way to try and find out if a bag is fake is to look at the logo. The logo is usually not the actual logo but very close. The reasons these counterfeited products don’t use the right logo is due to copyright laws. Check for logos either missing a letter or using a different font. For instance, if you a Gucci bag, check the logo, it might say “GUCI”.

2. Design

Designer bags do not have flaws, period. There will never be a mismatch in the bags fabric. The designs of the bags should meet up at the seams even if it is a different piece of fabric. A good example of this is a classic Coach Bag, witch has many “C’s” in the design. If these “C’s” don’t match up when there is stitching splitting them, then it is a fake.

3. Dust Bag

Luxury bags are like iPhones, most logical people will not leave their phone out of a case because they know if they drop it it could break. They will usually put it in a Otterbox or Lifeproof case. The same goes for designer bags. Almost every designer will provide a dust bag with the actual bag, this ensures that when the bag is in storage or not being used that it will not get damaged. These dust bags are also high quality, expect to see a logo on them and made with quality materials.

4. Stitching

The reason that designer bags are so expensive is because of the quality, and in order for these brands to keep up with each other they need to focus on the very meticulous details. One of these key details (believe it or not) is the stitching. The stitching should be perfect, there should not be any loose stitches, broken stitches or stitches that are not straight. This is an easy way to check for any authentic bag because it is easy to look for, you do not have to look up serial numbers and match them, just look at the stitching!

5. Zipper

Have you ever unzipped your jacket and the zipper either fell of the jacket or it got stuck? This should never happen with a designer bag. 99% of designer zippers will be made with metal such as gold, silver or plated, never plastic. When you unzip the top of the mag it should be smooth and not show much or any friction at all. If the zipper “buckles” or the mechanism is loose it is a fake. Also, if the zipper shows friction (meaning when you “unzip” you shouldn’t half to pull hard), then the bag is a fake.

6. Certificate of Authenticity

To ensure authenticity, many designer brands will provide a authenticity card within their bag. However, if a counterfeit manufacturer can make a fake Louis Vuitton handbag that fools people, they can make a fake authenticity card. One easy way to authenticate a bag is to take a look at this card. But wait a second, not all bags have them, check our guides on authenticating handbags here. This site will let you know if a bag should have a card or not. Sometimes counterfeits will either have a card when they shouldn’t, or not have a card when they should.

7. Price

By far the easiest way to authenticate a designer bag is just by looking at the price tag. Most bags will be selling at a retail price of $300 (at the least). Lets face it, if you see a bag that is “Only 49.99 for a Hermes bag!” then it is obviously fake, the only way for a company to sell a Hermes bag at $50 is to have it be fake. Hermes will use more than $50 just in the materials. Check our guides , and check the prices of your favorite bags, keep them in mind for the next time you buy a designer bag.

8. Hardware

Like I said in the first half of this post, designer bags are made of quality materials. Many bags will have metal tags/plates, zippers and buttons that will all be made out of some type of metal. You will never see a handbag that is authentic with plastic “Hardware”. The hardware should also be quality. Most bags will be made of either gold or silver. Sometimes the hardware could be “plated” which means that there is a low-end metal, with a high-end metal covering it.

9. Serial Numbers

This is probably the most complicated way to find out if your bag is authentic. Some designer bags will have serials number on them or on the tag attached to the bag. You are able to lookup these serial numbers to check if the bag is real. On our site we have provided many guides on authenticating bags, some of them show where to find serial numbers to match.

10. “Made In China”

This is the most dreaded phrase that you can find on your hand bag after you already exchanged money. Most luxury bags are made in Italy or somewhere in Europe. It is very rare that you will find a bag made in china. However, it IS still possible to find an authentic designer bag that was made in china. You can check our pages Here that will let you know where a bag was made.

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